What does an architect do? A registered interior designer? A residential designer?

Architects take the full spectrum of design services into account when developing a project. They provide overall project design coordination and can develop a comprehensive package of design documents for submittal to the building department, coordinating various elements prepared by other individual design team members.

Registered Interior Designers evaluate interior space utilization needs and prepare conceptual drawings and construction documents for interior spaces. Registered interior designers may not provide drawings that include load-bearing partitions. They also specify finishes, furniture, fixtures and equipment that are subject to uniform building codes.

Residential Designers are similar to architects. Residential designers can provide services for single-family dwellings of any size, and multi-family dwellings not over two stories and with no more than four units in each structure.

For more detailed information on the role of each profession, please refer to: 'A Consumer's Guide to Hiring Architects, Residential Designers and Registered Interior Designers' or 'The Blue Book'.

Consumer Complaint Information

For information about the investigation and enforcement process, or instructions on how to file a complaint, please go to the File a Complaint page.

To find out if a design professional has a record of any disciplinary action in Nevada, please call the Enforcement Division at (702) 486-7300.

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